Creating Loyal Brands : Themes Of The Week...

So much content, so little time...

A weekly round-up of the themes and posts I found particularly interesting or useful.

This week saw conversations examining the importance of having a clear purpose, exploring different aspects of customer loyalty, and analysing the underlying realities of brand building and marketing in today's connected world.

The power of purpose...
Several posts explored the benefits that come from a company having a clear purpose.

Why You Need Clarity of Purpose argued that this is the glue that can bind a company together, and enable it to create a powerful human connection with its customers.
How corporate purpose turns Millenials into brand ambassadors reviewed a global study on social activism, and concluded that the most powerful way for a brand to engage Millenials is to appeal to their hearts, by pursuing a cause derived from its purpose and values.
How Ikea Creates Massive Demand For The Ektorp Sofa: It Thinks About Moms showed how clarity of purpose is essential for bringing about successful change within an organization.
While Exploring the Fifth and Sixth P of Marketing suggested that People and Purpose need to be added to the traditional 4 Ps of Marketing, if the "Ps" model is to have any relevance in today's social economy.

In search of loyalty...
In a world of ever more choice and transparency, customer loyalty is becoming ever more important, and elusive.

How To Create Loyalty Programs Consumers Will Actually Get Excited About recommended six pledges for marketers to make, that will enable their programs to start spreading some delight.
The Sticky Customer Trap warned against taking existing customer loyalty for granted, and shifting focus to the acquisition of new customers.
The Truth About Loyalty argued that to retain loyal customers, you need to be loyal in return, and stay true to your values and beliefs.
While Six Tangible --And Extremely Profitable--Reasons To Provide Excellent Customer Service laid out the economic rationale for looking after your existing customers.

The heart of the matter...
While every day can seem to bring new changes to the world of branding and marketing, three posts highlighted some fundamental building blocks.

What Makes Digital Marketing Fundamentally Different? demonstrated how today's path-to-purchase requires marketers to shift from a focus on grabbing consumer attention to one of holding their attention, which in turn requires a change in skills, mindset, and organizational integration.
To Get Big, You've Got to Start Small examined why the secret to attracting a broad market is invariably to appeal to a small, passionate audience first.
While Why Apple Is Losing Its Aura provided a powerful analysis of how great brands are built on the power of emotional engagement, and how, if they fall short, they quickly provoke a feeling of betrayal.

Finally, given it's the annual festival of football and advertising this weekend, Super Bowl advertising: can customer experience trump huge ad spending? showed how brands that make customers happy grew more than twice as fast as Super Bowl advertisers over the last 3 years.

Have a good weekend...