Harness the power of loyalty to grow your business...

Simon is committed to helping businesses and brands focus on earning the loyalty and passion of their customers to drive growth, in a world where brands are increasingly defined by customer experience.

The frameworks he uses have been developed and proven through more than 25 years of marketing and loyalty experience in retail, where brands have always been defined by the experience they deliver. 


Interactive workshops with your team are an effective way to generate real momentum for change.

Key workshops include:

Building a loyal brand, which aims to create a consensus around the strength of your brand, and to galvanize opportunities for improvement.

Maximizing the benefits of loyalty, which aims to assess the effectiveness of your current approach, and unlock opportunities for improvement.

Developing a brand culture, which aims to assess the culture of your business, and identify opportunities to embed the brand within it.


Simon can work with you and your team directly to grow your business.

Key areas include:

Brand assessment, identifying the current strength of your brand, and developing a roadmap to build a loyal brand.

Maximizing loyalty, assessing your current approach, and leading you through the process of unlocking the growth potential.

Brand culture, evaluating how far your business lives the brand, and designing a process to embed the brand in the culture of the business.

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