Creating Loyal Brands : Themes Of The Week...

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A weekly round-up of the themes and posts I found particularly interesting or useful.

Catching my eye this week: how metrics can create business value, how social media is here to stay, and some case studies for this connected age.

"You can't manage what you don't measure..."

A familiar quote, several posts explored how metrics can create value in the age of Big Data.

Big Data: The Management Revolution showed how data-driven decisions are better, and argued that companies that can combine the deep knowledge of their experts with data science will out-perform their competitors.
Metrics Are Easy; Insight Is Hard urged a focus on finding actionable, data-driven insights to drive business value.
While Change As Your Customers Change suggested a 3-tier approach combining metrics, customer collaboration, and ethnographic techniques, to ensure brands continue to create value over time.

Being Social...
Although Wall Street's love affair with all things social may be a little rocky, there's no doubting the impact social media is having.

Social Media Around The World 2012 provided some interesting insights, based on a survey of c8,000 consumers, highlighting the opportunities for collaboration as well as reach.
Why social media is critical to the future of TV demonstrated the need for engaging viewers through social media, and how that changes the roles of both producers and advertisers.
Facebook's Billion-Strong Human Shield Against Disruption argued that in passing the 1 billion users mark, Facebook has become the indispensable utility you have to have, to live in the modern world. 
While 35 experts weigh-in: How we create influence on Facebook provided a host of great tips for marketeers on how to utilise it to build power and influence.

3 brands in a boat...
Finally, some interesting case studies on how brands are navigating the digital waters.

How KitchenAid Spun A Twitter Crisis Into A PR Coup provided a perfect example of how to go about damage control in this connected world, following an offensive tweet about President Obama's deceased grandmother.
Peapod Creates Virtual Grocery Aisles For Subway Stops reported on an experiment by the internet-based grocer, putting 100 large billboards mimicking grocery store aisles in subway stations across the US, that enable commuters to place orders.
While How Nordstrom Evolved From Bricks To Clicks showed how a traditional retailer can remain relevant in the digital age, by applying its brand strengths to its digital presence.

On the subject of remaining relevant, let me know if you find this weekly round-up useful...