Creating Loyal Brands, A Manifesto...


The world is having a growth spurt.

In the last few months, my son has transformed from a boy to a man, my daughters from toddlers to girls.

The world's doing the same.

With technology unleashing a huge real-time exchange of information and opinion, we're hurtling towards a more transparent, connected world, and a new level of consciousness.

What does this mean for business?

Such times of change can be very unsettling. The number of brand failures is on the increase, and we're being told continuously that marketing, and indeed business as we know it, is dead.

Certainly, many tried and trusted practices need to change, or be consigned to the annals of history. In a connected world, it’s no longer possible for a brand to be created as an external image, separate to the company behind it. 

But just like my children are still recognizable at their core, the heart of creating loyalty remains the same.

Be Useful... Be Likeable... Be Loyal...,

to your customers, your employees, and the communities you serve.

Old or new, such are Loyal Brands...