Take the Plunge... and stand for something.


Standing for something can seem risky.

By definition, if you stand for something, you don't stand for something else. If you try and please everybody, then you'll stand for nothing.

And once you stand for something, you better believe in it. It can't be a campaign, but has to be the core of your company and brand. Just look at the criticism that  KFC's "Buckets for a Cure" promotion, or indeed Pepsi Refresh received, because they didn't seem genuine for those brands.

Then, if it is believable, the customers, employees, and communities you serve will invest in it, watch your actions, and hold you to account. It happened to Nike, for example, over the integrity of their suppliers, and more recently Apple. And it's the risk Facebook runs, as they seek to monetize their network.

But there really is no choice.

In today's connected world, if it's not clear what you stand for, people will make their own assumptions about you, and talk about them anyway. Or perhaps worse, just ignore you altogether, as you become less and less relevant.

And standing for something, if it's rooted in improving people's lives, gives you the opportunity to inspire and to unite your customers, employees, and communities alike.

To create a shared agenda with them.

What could be more valuable?

Take the plunge...