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It’s not what you say, but how you behave that matters.

In today’s connected world, marketing has been turned upside down. Rather than external images created through advertising, brands are increasingly defined by the interactions they have with customers, and the sharing of them. Inspiring the loyalty and passion of customers has never been more important.

However, creating a brand capable of inspiring loyalty - a loyal brand - is not within the power of marketing alone. It goes right to the heart of what a business stands for, the value it creates and how it behaves. It’s a business-wide endeavor.

Drawing on his 25 years in retailing, where brands have always been defined by the shopping experience they deliver, Simon Uwins introduces a simple, but powerful framework to guide the creation of loyal brands, and shows how earning loyalty delivers a virtuous circle of growth.

For marketing and business leaders everywhere, it might just change the way you think about branding forever. 


What people are saying

"This book puts brand loyalty in a great perspective... A quick, yet inspiring read." Amazon (five stars)

"Great lessons in the new ebook by Simon Uwins on the realities of marketing and brand loyalty." Paul Magnone

"Fantastic read from the best Marketeer I have worked very closely with. Recommended for anyone interested in learning how to build brand advocacy." Adrian Abbott

"...a must read for everyone in advertising, branding & PR." @tatumwan

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"When I joined Tesco (then a struggling UK supermarket chain) as a young marketer, retailing was at best a marketing outpost... ...ironically, the retail marketing challenges I encountered then every marketer faces today..." 
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