A simple, but powerful framework for creating Loyal Brands...

In today's connected world, building a loyal brand is a company-wide endeavor. It goes right to the heart of what a company stands for, how it behaves, and what value it creates for customers. As a retail CMO, I found this simple five-step framework very effective in building such a brand.

The loyal brand framework.

1. Stand for Something

Develop a core purpose, rooted in improving people's lives, that will inspire employees, customers, and communities alike. more...

2. Create Value for Customers

Earn the right to exist, by creating something that's useful, affordable, and has meaning. more...

3. Build Brand & Organization as One

Embed a brand culture that lives and breathes the brand. more...

4. Engage Around Your Story

Develop a compelling story, and engage employees, customers, and communities in telling it. more...

5. Say "thank you"

Make customers feel appreciated, and build relationships with them over time. more...

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