Reinvent Your Marketing With This New Book...

Marketing. It has been disrupted over the last decade.

We all know it.

Where once brands were images created by marketing, now the customer experience (and the sharing of that experience) defines a brand.

The traditional model of brand management no longer applies - delivering a great customer experience is a company-wide endeavor rather than a marketing activity. A new approach to building and managing brands is needed.

That's why I've just published an eBook, Creating Loyal Brands..., to share the approach I've found to be successful in this new environment.

You can buy it now on Amazon, Amazon UK or iBooks.

I grew up in retail marketing, where brands have always been defined by the shopping experience they offer.  I learnt the hard way that when your brand depends on customer experience, you need to earn the loyalty of customers, and have the whole business living and breathing the brand. Trained in the traditional marketing model, I had to develop a different approach, which forms the backbone of this book.

It's a short, sharp read for a busy world. There's no padding, just tools, insights and advice to enable you to rethink your marketing and your brand. It's built around a simple, but powerful framework to guide the creation of loyal brands, and shows how earning loyalty delivers a virtuous circle of growth. You can download a copy of the framework for free.

And there's no grand launch, or PR machine behind this book. It's just me, trying to help. If you find it useful, please spread the word. A quick review on Amazon would help others to find it.

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